London Churches

London, England, United Kingdom
Est. 2.7km / 3 hrs / Map

London Churches - Cya On The Road

London Churches audio guide: On Sunday 2 September 1666, the Great Fire of London broke out and devastated around four fifths of the buildings within the medieval City of London. Sir Christopher Wren was instrumental in replacing over 50 of the lost churches as well as providing us with the world-famous St Paul’s Cathedral.On our walk through the ancient streets and alleys of London we will discover not only the majesty and history of St Paul’s, but also visit nine more of his elegant and understated masterpieces. Along the way we learn about his extraordinary career and see some of the churches which inspired the English Nursery Rhyme “Oranges and Lemons”! We finish by visiting three pre-fire Churches at the edges of the City that were lucky to escape the inferno and now co-exist with some of the most stunning modern architecture to have been unveiled in recent years.The guide passes the following churches: St Paul’s Cathedral, St Mary-le-Bow, Williamson’s Tavern, St Mary Aldermary,St James Garlickhythe, St Michael Paternoster Royal, St Stephen Walbrook, The Bank of England, St Mary Woolnoth, St Clement Eastcheap, St Edmund the King, Jamica Wine House, St Michael Cornhill, St Peter-upon-Cornhill, St Andrew Undershaft, St Helen Bishopsgate, St Ethelburga. Altogether a 3 km walk, which should take you two hours or a bit less. The walk starts outside the main entrance to St Paul’s Cathedral.

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