The London of Bridget Jones

London, England, United Kingdom
Est. 10.1km / 3 hrs 22 mins

Welcome to London - to the London of none other than Bridget Jones!This tour is going to take you to the most important places of our charming heroine, and is based on the first book and the movie Bridget Jones’ diary. Along the way you will have the pleasure to get to know her better, and to visit the places where all the romantic, the embarrassing, and the proud moments of her life takes place. Whether you walk this tour in the footsteps of Bridget Jones with your loved one to relive the romantic kiss in the snow or under the bridges of Shad Thames first hand, or with your group of girlfriends to dream yourselves away to Bridget’s world, you will equally love it! This city has a lot to offer, and our slightly chubby 32-year old guide with a passion for over-indulging in alcohol, food and cigarettes will show you how to best enjoy it. See where the infamous book launch of Kafka’s motorbike took place, the birthday dinner with blue soup, the famous and oh so romantic fight between the two lovesick rivals Mark Darcy and Daniel Clever at the Greek restaurant. Along the way you will be able to solve a quiz about the places you visit, so stay focused not only on the story but also on the surroundings. After all, we are here to get to know not only Bridget, but also London, better! So strap on your shoes and let’s go discover one of Europe’s most fascinating cities with one of Britain’s most charming characters!

The London of Bridget Jones - Cya On The Road

Photo Tower Bridge from Shad Thames by Colin is licensed under  CC BY-SA 4.0

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