Museum of Army Music

Twickenham, England, United Kingdom
Est. --- / 38 mins / Map

The Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall located at Whitton close to Twickenham has a wonderful museum housing instruments, and other interesting articles with connections to military music, the Museum of Army Music.This small but fascinating collection and memorabilia associated with military music from the last 200 years, including a bugle that sounded at the Charge of The Light Brigade.

Museum of Army Music - Cya On The Road

The following tours are of Kneller Hall’s items within the Museum of Army Music and related items of the Royal Military school of Music. Tours can be listened to whilst at the museum or prior to visit.

The museum includes:•Interactive displays•Instruments•Manuscripts•Uniforms•Medal displays•Photographs•Paintings

For historical or archival enquiries please contact us.

The museum is open 2-4.00pm on Wednesday afternoons or by prior arrangement and visits are charged at £5.00 per person.

Donations towards the upkeep of the museum will be appreciated.


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