At the Instigation of the Devil

Frome, England, United Kingdom; Warminster, England, United Kingdom
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At the Instigation of the Devil - Cya On The Road


Why did two perfectly normal itinerant labourers, George Carpenter (21) and George Ruddock (20), both of whom were known to Farmer Webb of Oxstalls, on the Longleat Estate and with whom he had friendly relations, offering them cider when they came to ask him for work; why did they just ‘shoot him in the arm and stomach while sitting in his chair’, then, as he was still alive, ’beat him to death with a flail’, then chase down his servant, Mary Gibbons, cut her throat and ‘throw her down the bucket well’. Why indeed?

Mr.Justice Chambre, at their trial at the Salisbury Assizes of Monday, March 15, 1813, said, "I have hardly ever heard of this, the greatest of all crimes, having been committed without some provocation; when you went to Webb, he received you with kindness, and offered you refreshment - instead of being thankful, you executed the bloody purpose in your minds. You are now deprived of all human mercy - you have but a few hours to live, for he that sheddeth man's blood, by man must his blood be shed”.

Carpenter and Webb were hanged on Warminster Downs above Warminster at Arn, near the lime kilns, before a crowd estimated at anything between 5- and 40,000’. Farmer Webb lies buried in the grounds of the Minster Church and his grave can be seen there today.

 Credits and Acknowledgements


With thanks to the Regional History Centre and the University of the West of England, and the Bristol Festival of Ideas.

Steve Poole - Professor of History and Heritage, Director, Regional History Centre, UWE

Ralph Hoyte - Concept, Script & Project Management, SATSYMPH

Michael Fairfax - Music & FX

Phill Phelps - Sound design, sound recording & app, SATSYMPH

Alan Coveney - voice

Ralph Hoyte - voice

The Roaring Trowmen - Sea shanty

Stefan Hoyte - Piano

Additional sound effects from

Footsteps, Concrete, A.wav by InspectorJ

Moray coast.wav by inchadney

Terreiro do Paço plaza docks' pontoons "symphony" by alfdroid

Dock,Wood,Creak,Water,Laping.wav by Filipe Chagas

Creaky dock - Underwater Hydrophone Recording by weaveofk

Ferry pontoon pier squeaking in light waves, rubber on metal by Pfannkuchn

by Satsymph
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