Old Palace Lane Walking Tour

Richmond, England, United Kingdom
Distance: 315 metres (Map)

Welcome to Old Palace Lane, one of the oldest streets in Richmond. Here we can see the major historical and social changes of the past six hundred years.

Old Palace Lane Walking Tour - Cya On The Road

The Lane was used from the 14th century as the tradesmen’s entrance to Richmond Palace. Goods were transported here by barge, offloaded by a crane, and then brought up the Lane – which was originally called Crane Piece - to the Palace. If you want to learn more about the history of the Palace, you will find an information board on the South West side of Richmond Green, opposite the original Tudor Gate House.

By 1660 the Palace had been demolished, but some private homes remained. Later, in the 18th century the Lane became a fashionable area, with developments to the riverside walk providing a place for members of society to take a leisurely stroll.  At the top of the Lane, a theatre called the ‘New Theatre on the Green’ was opened. The construction of workmen’s cottages at the end of the century meant that the Lane’s residents became a mixture of the social classes. Few, if any, streets in the town had this variety.

The Lane continued to change through the 19th century. The Theatre was demolished, the Lane was widened, and new houses and a railway bridge were built. When the First World War broke out, allotments were established to provide home-grown food when imports became scarce. After the Second World War, Old Palace Lane continued to grow and change, and it has now become a much sought after place to live. 


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