Wandle Trail: Merton Abbey

Mitcham, England, United Kingdom; London, England, United Kingdom
Distance: 2 km (Map)

Wandle Trail: Merton Abbey - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the Wandle Industrial Museum's Merton Abbey Trail. This walk will last roughly an hour, taking you through the historical area known as 'Merton Abbey'. Nestled between Phipps Bridge and Merton High Street, Merton Abbey derives its name from Merton Priory, which was an ornate and imposing building, before it's dissolution by Henry VIII.Starting at Phipps Bridge Road, which lies to the East of the Wandle, you'll be immersed in the rich history of the area, past the man-made canals of Rucker's Cut, through a landscape which was once a buzzing textile hub. You'll pass the elegant Georgian property known as Wandle Villa, going up through the site of an old varnish works, past Merton Abbey Mills, past the site of Merton Priory and finishing at the old Connolly's site.This tour works best if you follow the stops in numerical order. The recordings start automatically but please feel free to stop and start the recordings as needed .So make sure you've got some comfy shoes on and head to the first stop on our trail. 

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