Poverty Exhibition Walking Tour

Richmond, England, United Kingdom; Twickenham, England, United Kingdom
Distance: 6 km
by Museum of Richmond

Poverty Exhibition Walking Tour - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the Poverty Walking Tour where you can learn about Richmond’s workhouses, almshouses, community centres and charities that existed in the past and continue to this day.This walking tour has been created to accompany the temporary exhibition at the Museum of Richmond, which is on display from 23rd September 2017 until 22nd April 2018.The exhibition focuses on those who slipped into poverty and examines aid provided by local institutions throughout history. Before the welfare state, support for the poor was the responsibility of the church, parish and charities. Whilst the motivations of charitable organisations may have changed, Richmond’s philanthropic nature remains in the charities working today.#AuthenticLondonSurroundings

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