Montrose Basin, The Lurgies

Montrose, Scotland, United Kingdom
Est. 4.2km / 1 hr 30 mins / Map

Montrose Basin, The Lurgies - Cya On The Road

Montrose Basin covers some 750 hectares – it is the large enclosed estuary of the South Esk river. This Local Nature Reserve offers the perfect opportunity to see a variety of resident and migratory birds – including pink-footed geese, common terns, teal and sedge warblers.The Scottish Wildlife Trust's four-star Visitor Centre overlooks the southeast corner of the Basin. Here the exhibition, viewing gallery and shop offers a great base for all the family to view and explore the Basin.There are a variety of different habitats within the Reserve. These include extensive mudflats, salt-marshes and reed-beds. The depth and salinity of the water changes with the tides. Around the Basin are also unimproved grassland, patches of woodland and arable land.The Reserve is particularly noted for the birds that breed, feed and roost here, including eider ducks, mute swans, redshank, lapwing, pintail and wigeon. Being a Local Nature Reserve, the Basin is also important for the leisure activities it supports – bird watching, sailing, fishing and wildfowling – all co-existing with the wildlife.The Lurgies Walk is a popular route starting from the Old Pier at the west end of the Basin. There is a small gravel car park here with no designated parking spaces. A narrow kissing-gate marks the start of the path and so the route is not fully accessible. Take the wide grassy path along the south bank of the South Esk River up to Bridge of Dun and then return the same way to your car.The grass path is fairly level and easy to walk - but there are often cattle around you so care must be taken.

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