St. Agnes & St. Pancras Church, Toxteth Park

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Est. --- / 26 mins / Map

The Grade I Listed Church of St. Agnes & St. Pancras, Toxteth Park, was described by the architecture expert Sir Nikolaus Pevsner in 1969 as "the noblest Victorian church in Liverpool". It is the only church in the traditional County of Lancashire to be listed in the Top 100 in Simon Jenkins' "England's Thousand Best Churches".

St. Agnes & St. Pancras Church, Toxteth Park - Cya On The Road

It is our privilege and our joy to be able to welcome you to our wonderful church and share something of its beauty and its history with you. St. Agnes' is first and foremost a place of worship and prayer and we hope that, whatever your faith, you will find your visit to be spiritually refreshing.

This church was founded by the Liverpool stockbroker H. Douglas Horsfall who appointed the internationally-renowned Architect John Loughborough Pearson to design it; the interior is a scaled-down version of his design for Truro Cathedral and inevitably comes as a surprise to first-time visitors whose expectations are based on the red-brick exterior.

Horsfall specifically wanted to found the church that would "most readily bring a man to his knees" in worship and reverence towards God.

Look up as you enter the church and take a few minutes to appreciate the space before you. Look at the splendid Gothic vaulting as it arches thirteen metres overhead. These quadripartite rib vaults, as they are called, are evocative of a 13th Century French cathedral such as that at Amiens. 

As you follow our guided tour through the church, we will point out several of its most interesting features. The tour begins at the Font in the north-west transept.

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