Olney High Street - Heritage Trail

Olney, England, United Kingdom
Est. 1.1km / 35 mins / Map

This trail provides an introduction to the history of selected parts of Olney's wide High Street. 

Olney High Street - Heritage Trail - Cya On The Road

The wide High Street stretching from the Market Place in the south to the Knoll in the north is arguably the major feature that makes Olney so attractive and a very desirable place to live. The width is complemented by the various styles of attractive houses, intermingled with small stone cottages and traditional business premises.

There are many features and stories that are contenders for inclusion in an Olney High Street trail. We have selected eight to indicate the diversity available. Others could be included at a later date. 

This trail has been developed and edited for digital media by the Olney & District Historical Society.

Completion of this trail takes between 35 and 50 minutes.

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