Canal de Bourgogne with Tim Richards. Travelbook

Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, BFC, France; Marmagne, BFC, France; Montbard, BFC, France; Aisy-sur-Armançon, BFC, France; Cry, BFC, France; Ancy-le-Franc, BFC, France; Argenteuil-sur-Armançon, BFC, France; Argentenay, BFC, France; Chablis, BFC, France; Noyers, BFC, France
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A holiday on an upscale canal hotel barge in Burgundy is an experience to remember for ever. The beautiful, gentle countryside; the fine wines and excellent cuisine on board; and the historic sites … Roman and monastic and modern wineries and restaurants all make for a great trip.This tour has no audio navigational hints and we recommend to consult the map to move between the points.Please, beware this is not a GPS tour but a set of stories about interesting places in the particular area. We recommend you listen to the stories by starting them manually, not via Start Tour option of the app.

Canal de Bourgogne with Tim Richards. Travelbook - Cya On The Road

Photo Canal de Bourgogne à La Forgé DSC 0376 by Pline is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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