Marseille with Tim Richards. Travelbook

Marseille, PAC, France; Aix-en-Provence, PAC, France; Bandol, PAC, France; Bargemon, PAC, France; Callas, PAC, France
Est. 184.4km / 4 hrs 9 mins

Marseille is by far the biggest city in the south of France and it has an ancient history and vigorous present. It’s near neighbour Aix en Provence has a much gentler, more cultured feel – so in this two-week trip we’ll explore coastal Marseille, inland Aix and then for the beach resort of Bandol before heading east to stay for the second week in the inland and upland town of Bargemon – where footballer David Beckham has a home…Please, beware this is not a GPS tour but a set of stories about interesting places in the particular area. We recommend you listen to the stories by starting them manually, not via Start Tour option of the app.

Marseille with Tim Richards. Travelbook - Cya On The Road

Photo Marseille-la-nuit-by-F.Laffont-feraud by F. Laffont-Feraud is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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