Ville de Versailles

Versailles, IDF, France
Est. 4.8km / 1 hr 35 mins / Map

Ville de Versailles - Cya On The Road

This tour will guide you around the city of Versailles, and you are about to discover that this place has a lot to offer besides the great palace. You will walk along the small, quiet streets of Versailles, getting to know the town, the main purpose of which was to serve the palace. You will also see beautiful churches, parks, the king's garden, and many other things.The tour starts from the Regional Express Network (RER) railway station, but you can join it at any point. The whole route includes 13 attractions, but there is one further one, which is located some distance away (20 minutes’ walk), so we have decided not to include Montreuil castle and gardens on the main route, but you are more than welcome to visit them yourself. It is quite simple to find on the map.All in all, the Versailles tour is definitely worth taking, for it will provide you with an extra perspective on the main attraction – the palace of Versailles – as well as French history as a whole.

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