Bordeaux's Botanic Garden

Bordeaux, NAQ, France
Distance: 845 metres (Map)

Bordeaux's Botanic Garden - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Bordeaux's Botanic Garden !This visit is an opportunity to discover the different outdoor parts of the garden. Vegetation follows the seasons, consequently the garden keeps evolving and his appearance turns following seasons and years. So, don't hesitate to visit at different times of the year.The whole staff of the Botanic Garden wishes you the most enjoyable visit : follow the guide !---------Opening hours of the Botanic Garden :The garden is open in summer from 8am to 8pm, and in winter from 8am to 6pm.If you wish to visit the greenhouses and the exhibition rooms after this route, these are open from 11am to 6pm, except on mondays and public holidays.

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