Urbirun Bordeaux - Highlights

Bordeaux, NAQ, France
Est. 13.0km / 4 hrs 20 mins / Map

Distance: 12.5km/7.8mi (*7.8km/4.85mi)Elevation: flatDirection: counterclockwiseParks/Pedestrian: 4.3km/2.7mi (ca 35%)Urban constraints: low

Urbirun Bordeaux - Highlights - Cya On The Road

Suggested start: Quai de la Grave or Hotel de ville / As any urbirun route, you can start where ever you want. Watch for the route direction.

Public transportation: tramway C Saint Michel Station / tramway B Hôtel de ville station or Musée d'Aquitaine station

Beautiful city open on the river, and the world, Bordeaux which was for a long time the first port of France, is the heart of the Bordeaux vineyard. The old town is dotted with carved stones buildings, in the great 18th century style. But there are also narrow medieval streets, darker and more popular areas, changing as the whole city is. Classified as UNESCO World Heritage, Lonely Planet elected Bordeaux as the city to visit in 2017 ... So don't wait, and go run it.*Alternative route: the tour can be shorten, without the northern part (so without the Cité du Vin and Submarine base)

NB: if unsure, please check your position on the map and the track.

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