Jim Morrison`s Paris

Paris, IDF, France
Est. 6.1km / 2 hrs / Map

This tour represents a continuous story about the 4 months that Jim Morrison spent in Paris until his death.

Jim Morrison`s Paris - Cya On The Road

You have the opportunity to see Jim's favorite places, to walk on the same streets that he did, to find out where he wrote his poems.

This tour represents a tribute to genius, poet and artist - Jim Morrison.

During his short life he managed to do and achieve truly great things.

In his nature there was something truly diabolical. However, it is impossible to say whether it was good or bad. In his personality the good with the bad intertwined so much that this synthesis allowed the world to see a man like Jim.Check out the video tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89Cx3RFtOqA&lc=z12fvhr4vx3zjd1nb23mwvszvte3yn0ca

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