Lyon, ARA, France
Distance: 5 km (Map)


The plateau of la Croix Rousse is not part of the Lyon UNESCO site but its proximity with it and its historical and touristic interest, especially for the silk production, made us add it to our guided tours. The Croix-Rousse district is nicknamed “the Village” for the quality of life it offers to its population. Attached to Lyon in 1852, this old faubourg has kept its authenticity and unique features. The main street and the busy shopping streets, two food markets opened 6 days a week, and many welcoming and quality restaurants definitely make this district a warmth place where it’s good to live. Transformed during the 19th century with the arrival of the “Canuts”, who were gold, silver and silk weavers, the hill remains deeply marked by the work of the Grande Fabrique. The habitat combined to an excellence pole of backstrap weaving show both the Canuts expertise and their crucial contribution to the social history. The Plateau de la Croix-Rousse also offers great views over the city of Lyon and the Rhone-Alpes region. This guided tour is organized by the Canuts and Bambanes guide in collaboration with Croix-Rousse Village association, la Maison des Canuts and Robert LUC. More information : , www./

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