Barcelona - From Dusk till Dawn

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Est. --- / 1 hr / Map

Welcome to Barcelona! This is the city of art and culture, the city of tapas and beaches, the city of architecture and shopping and last but not least the city that never sleeps. And the last part is what we are going to focus on during this tour. This audio tour will take you through the streets of this marvelous city to watch the sunset from a beach bar, and the stunning views from a rooftop terrace. Together we will get to know the coolest clubs and most original bars of Barcelona, and dance the night away to the latest mixes of world famous DJs. We will focus on four different areas. First La Barceloneta; the beach area, where a sunset cocktail at a tropical beach bar is as tempting as partying the night away at two of the hottest clubs of this city. The second area is El Born where we will walk from tapas and sparkling house wine to classic cocktails, top-notch gin tonics, theme bars and rock clubs. In the third area on our walking tour, Raval, we will amongst other things, visit a tropical bar as well as experience flamenco or jazz jam sessions with the locals. In the last and final area we find most of the clubs of Barcelona’s party scene, as well as some bars ideal for a pre-drink before hitting the clubs. Whether you have visited Barcelona before or not, this tour will show you a new side of the city. Barcelona after dark is a place that offers all kinds of entertainment and we have gone out of our way to show you our local favourites that are off the beaten track. So let’s hit the streets of this bustling capital of entertainment! We hope you will love this bar and club tour of Barcelona and that you really enjoy the diversity of this city.

Barcelona - From Dusk till Dawn - Cya On The Road

Photo Opium Mar by Jon Fingas is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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