Bilbao, PV, Spain; Guecho, PV, Spain
Distance: 9 km (Map)

Bilbao, located in the autonomous Basque Country, is the capital of the province of Biscay. We will begin our tour of Bilbao in Casco Viejo; experience the Guggenheim Museum; marvel at centuries old churches; walk over bridges that are artistic and architectural wonders, dine sumptuously on pintxos and perhaps try the local but not inexpensive delicacy, percebes (barnacles) and so much more. Bilbao, like the rest of Spain, is best savored at your own pace. This traveler’s hint – never be without your camera! Just ask Steve Robinson, an extraordinarily talented English photographer friend who lived in Spain for years and has an intimate knowledge of Bilbao. Steve has graciously shared many of his personal photos for this tour.

Bilbao - Cya On The Road

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