Historic Madrid - Where Heaven Kisses Earth

Madrid, MD, Spain
Est. 2.7km / 54 mins / Map

Historic Madrid - Where Heaven Kisses Earth - Cya On The Road

Madrid is many things to many people. The one description I’ve never heard disputed explains Madrid perfectly: “Donde el cielo y la tierra beso” which translates to “Where Heaven Kisses Earth.” As we wind our way through Madrid’s narrow cobble stoned streets and main thoroughfares take the time to discover the very best of all Madrid’s secrets. Get to know the Madrileños. They are warm, loving, fun, gracious and always friendly. Your Spanish, if it is like mine, is somewhat lacking; just remember a smile goes a long way. The best way to savor all that Madrid has to offer is to go at your own pace. That is why we have designed this tour with your interests in mind. Take your time and change the route if you want. Spend as much time as you desire in any of areas; there is always tomorrow.

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