Discover Madrid's Other Museums - from Ancient Fossils to Decorative Arts to Ghost Trains

Madrid, MD, Spain
Est. 16.5km / 4 hrs 59 mins / Map

Discover Madrid's Other Museums - from Ancient Fossils to Decorative Arts to Ghost Trains - Cya On The Road

Madrid is home to three globally renowned museums; one archeological; another for the natural sciences and, of course, one focused on the Americas from Pre-Columbian and Aztec treasures to Spain’s conquest and beyond. We will take you through these and many others, perhaps less well known but equally fascinating.Museums are a matter of personal interests and tastes. If archeology mesmerizes you, Madrid’s famous Museo Arqueológico Nacional and Biblioteca Nacional might well be your first stop. Has sailing the world been a secret lifelong dream? Then Museo Naval could rank at the top of your agenda. The Museo de America is a powerful magnet if you find the discovery of the New World and all it entailed completely irresistible. Do you fantasize over bygone days of romance and intrigue à la old black and white Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall movies? Then a visit to Estación Fantasma is an absolute must.Madrid offers her guests an astounding variety of museums; some light hearted and others serious and top class on the international level. Visiting museums should be, first and foremost, about what appeals to you; what you want to learn more about. That is why our suggested route is just that – a suggestion. This tour is designed to enable you to make the decision as to where to start and where you want to go next. Our personal recommendation is to begin with your favorite subject and proceed from there. To keep you less rushed, we have created tour routes to begin at each of the three major museums with other nearby museums included in each. Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (Museum of Natural Sciences) designated as # 1 on the map includes two other museums. Museo Arqueológico Nacional and Biblioteca Nacional (National Archaeological Museum and National Library) designated as # 4 on the map includes five other stops. Museo del America (Museum of America) designated as # 10 on the map includes the final two museums.You can listen to all stories on the web but the best and most comprehensive experience includes GPS navigation and can be found at izi.TRAVEL app. Stop whenever you want and when you are ready to continue on your tour simply turn the app back on. Just as a reminder, each stop along the walk is indicated by the attraction name and number. The relevant section will be played automatically when you get to the stop but you always can play it manually.

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