Collection of the Russian Museum

Málaga, AN, Spain
Est. --- / 1 hr 42 mins / Map

Collection of the Russian Museum - Cya On The Road

The first European branch of the Russian Museum opened on March 25, 2015, in Málaga, Spain, in the province of Andalusia. The branch of the museum is housed in a Tabacalera building (a former tobacco factory) with a total area of 2,300 sq m. The exhibition and convention center demonstrates the unique cultural potential and rich artistic heritage of Russia. The Russian Museum in particular, whose collection includes the world's largest collection of Russian fine art, is an indispensable institution for popularizing Russian culture and history abroad. Most of the space at this branch museum is dedicated to rooms that are designed to house regular exhibitions, presenting works from the collections of the Russian Museum, other St. Petersburg museums and private collections. Three exhibitions are planned to be held every year here: one "permanent" exhibition (lasting up to 9 months) and two temporary ones (lasting for a maximum of 6 months each).

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