Museum of Sacred Art

Orihuela, VC, Spain
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Museum of Sacred Art - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Orihuela’s Museum of Sacred Art. Since 1939, the Diocese has been working to guarantee the preservation and promotion of its artistic heritage in several museum spaces, up until the opening, in 2011, of the actual one in the Episcopal Palace.The administrative and palatial activity once undertaken in this great museum gave way to the creation of an exhibition space where you will find both temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection, with major works by Velazquez, Paolo San Leocadio, Francisco Salzillo and Matthias Stom, among others. From the cloister, built in 1733 by the bishop Flores Osorio, and enclosed yet illuminated by a roof made of translucent alabaster, one reaches the Baroque staircase, the building’s backbone. The staircase gives access to the Medieval period and Renaissance period rooms, located in the mezzanine or intermediate floor, as well as the main floor, corresponding to the second floor. Within this main floor are the rest of the museum’s rooms and the ‘episcopologio,’ a portrait gallery of the bishops of the Diocese of Orihuela. This audio guide was created by Jose Tomas Serna Perez and Pablo Lopez Marcos, with help from Cristina Armenteros and supervision by Mariano Cecilia Espinosa.

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