Toro Gallery (Osborne)

El Puerto de Santa María, AN, Spain
Est. --- / 12 mins / Map

Toro Gallery (Osborne) - Cya On The Road

Toro Gallery, the cultural space of the Osborne Foundation that will allow visitors to find out about the origin and history of a family, a company and an icon that are among the best known and most highly valued in the world.Since its founding, Osborne has been involved in the promotion of the arts, culture, science and sport and has worked in many social projects. There are two constant features in its long history: its permanent connection with society and a respectful, constant desire to innovate with a single origin.The birth of the Toro de Osborne (Osborne Bull) in 1956 was a remarkable milestone, providing Osborne with extraordinary international recognition and giving the entire country its symbol. Few images in the world have the force of the Toro de Osborne. The huge 14 metre-high structures watch over the roads of Spain from the most strategic locations and accompany us on our travels as an inseparable part of the landscape of Spain. Value, authenticity, beauty, strength, character, nobility, freedom... all attributes that define the legendary Toro de Osborne, undoubtedly the great Spanish design icon of all time. The Toro de Osborne is the theme of this gallery, the symbol that connects Osborne with its past, which identifies it in the present and which will certainly accompany it in its future.

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