Health in the Raval: a history of more than 500 years

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Distance: 2 km
by SCHCT, Societat Catalana d'Història de la Ciència i la Tècnica

Health in the Raval: a history of more than 500 years - Cya On The Road

Route description:El Raval has been, almost from the beginning of the history of Barcelona, a space designed to accommodate medical and charitable institutions. Since the establishment within the perimeter of the Hospital of Santa Cruz, the various institutions that have been installed have been giving character to the neighborhood until well into the twentieth century, when the new trends postulated hygienists convinence moving the health and charitable areas outside the city. "Health Raval: a history of over 500 years' follow the traces of a long history of health care in the district through its buildings, beginning in the twelfth century in the old Hospital of St. Lazarus and ending the twentieth century the anti dispensary -tuberculós- and its protagonsita: llebrosos, poor, orphans, brothels, fatwas, epil·lèptics, disabled, abnormal tuberculosis, helpless ...

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