Natural Histories in Barcelona’s Old Town

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Est. 5.3km / 1 hr 47 mins / Map

Natural Histories in Barcelona’s Old Town - Cya On The Road

The natural history lived in Barcelona a boom during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. He began to differentiate into disciplines such as botany, zoology, and geologia- went from an activity practiced by amateurs more or less professionalized. Meanwhile, in the public sphere were present at the time and that some scientific controversies • illustrate the tensions between Creation and Evolution and the different conceptions of nature that was then in the city. "Natural History in Old Town" will explore a bygone city to tell several stories of objects, naturalists and urban areas: among others, visit a museum exhibiting a piece of animal before the Flood, natural history study with banned books and go into a store dead animals that seemed almost alive.

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