Waterways Explorer: Sentmenat canal

Colomers, CT, Spain; Foixà, CT, Spain; Jafre, CT, Spain; Verges, CT, Spain; Bellcaire d'Empordà, CT, Spain; l'Escala, CT, Spain
Est. 34.8km / 11 hrs 35 mins

We invite you to visit the unlined canal of Sentmenat, property of the heirs of the Marquis of Sentmenat. Discover the heritage of the canal, the uses of water, and a surrounding landscape that has been shaped by their influence. The complete itinerary is 35 kilometers long, all of them through the Baix Ter region. The route is friendly to the hiker and the cyclist, with hardly any slopes in the dominant flatland.

Waterways Explorer: Sentmenat canal - Cya On The Road

Be inspired by the cultural and natural heritage of an itinerary that visits crop fields, old mills and fortified rural villages such as Verges and Bellcaire. The ever-changing landscape follows the cycles of nature and farming activities. Explore it with all the senses and feel the experience of discovering the Baix Ter, from the weir of Colomers, where the river Ter pours its waters into the canal, to the mouth in l'Escala, where it discharges into the Mediterranean, near the Greco-Roman archaeological site of Empúries.

Enjoy the 44 points of interest that will take you closer to the history, the architecture, the art, the landscape and the culture of the territory shaped by the Sentmenat canal.

Technical characteristics:

Distance: 35 km (Colomers - L'Escala).

Difficulty: low.

Tourist activities: cycling, hiking, cultural tourism and nature tourism.

Recommended season: all year, preferably spring, autumn and winter.


- Car parking at the beginning and at the end.

- Public transport service: www.ampsa.org (Colomers-Verges) and www.sarfa.es (Verges-l'Escala)

- Bicycle rental.

- Accommodation and restaurants along the itinerary.

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