Waterways Explorer: Rec del Ter Vell

Gualta, CT, Spain; Torroella de Montgrí, CT, Spain
Est. 16.6km / 5 hrs 33 mins / Map

Let us join you in the discovery of the Ter Vell canal through this itinerary, from the weir of Ullà to the Ter Vell lagoon, former mouth of the river Ter. It’s a different way of reaching l’Estartit, an alternative that will allow you to discover a rural landscape where the Montgrí massif is always present. It’s a territory full of singularities: the mountain reaches the sea, the river Ter discharges into the Mediterranean, the Medes Islands hide an outstanding underwater environment and the restored wetlands of la Pletera have refilled the area with natural and landscape values. All in all, you will find out about a space where traditional activities, tourism and protected natural areas coexist in harmony.

Waterways Explorer: Rec del Ter Vell - Cya On The Road

The route is 17 kilometres long on the left bank of the river Ter. Discover the town of Torroella de Montgrí and the town of l’Estartit and contemplate the orchards, the fortified estates, the silhouette of the Montgrí castle and the coastal marshlands along the way. We have made a selection of 37 elements that will help you interpreting and understanding this bit of the Empordà and the Costa Brava.


Technical characteristics:

Distance: 17 km (Ullà - l'Estartit).

Difficulty: low.

Tourist activities: cycling, hiking, cultural tourism and nature tourism.

Recommended season: all year, preferably spring, autumn and winter.


- There is no formal parking available at the beginning of the itinerary, but cars can be conveniently left around the starting point. Car parking at the end of the itinerary.

- Public transport service: www.ampsa.org (Girona-l’Estartit) and  www.renfe.es (Flaçà station).

- Bicycle rental.

- Accommodation and restaurants along the itinerary.

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