GreenYTasty Sant Gervasi

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Est. 1.3km / 34 mins / Map

GreenYTasty Sant Gervasi - Cya On The Road

If you are a lover of wine, food and you like spending time outdoors, you are in the right place. Sant Gervasi is a neighborhood to discover. This tour will give you the opportunity to try specialties and find hidden green corners in the urban climate of the neighborhood. You will have the opportunity to visit a famous and well-stocked market in the area and buy your favorite liqueurs in a shop where the staff will be able to assist you according to their high competence. You will enjoy the environment discovering the results of the great history of this district accompanying it all with the results of the commitment of the entrepreneurs who brought the culinary art on such a high level that it is worth trying. You will start from an award-winning breakfast ending with a revisited Spanish lunch discovering an area of barcelona where the local activities are the flagship!

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