Lose yourself in the Madrid of the Austrians

Madrid, MD, Spain
Est. 2.0km / 48 mins / Map

Hi travellers! Get ready to make a flash back to the Madrid of the Austrians. We are going to start the tour in la Plaza del Sol so as soon as you're there you can continue with the guide. To make this route you require a little bit of imagination. Picture yourself as a man or woman of five centuries ago, how are your sorroundings? How is your city? Possibly you can't imagine it now but we hope at the end of the tour you are able to do so. 

Lose yourself in the Madrid of the Austrians - Cya On The Road

But before developing in any concret spot of Madrid, we should establish that this period ocurred between the fifteen and the sixteen centruy when in 1561 Madrid becomes the capital. In a general view to the architecture we could say it involves austere, monumental and sturdy buildings from the renaissance style. They were basically made with bricks and stone. This red and grey materials provided the bichromia.

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