Vallcarca for the People

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Est. 1.6km / 1 hr / Map

Vallcarca for the People - Cya On The Road

“Vallcarca - The forgotten district in the north of Gracia” in the valley between the hills “colinas del Putxet and el Coll”.Throughout the last decade this neighbourhood has been victim to different forms of untamed urbanism: 2002 the new “General Metropolitan Plan” was introduced and caused the destruction of many buildings, eventually to be converted into large apartment complexes. Nowadays many empty lots from the initial phase of de-construction can be seen in the area as the 2008 recession stopped a lot of this development. Currently these open spaces are used for sport activities, garden areas, and social gatherings.However, what is standing out is the strong culture and the high level of sense of belonging leading to proactive initiatives. These initiatives fight for the desires of the local population and against gentrification as well as real estate speculation. The residents started to organize and politicize themselves by forming associations, protesting, and other activities under the motto “save the neighbourhood”.This route will introduce some of the local activities and initiatives in order to get a better feel of the current situation and atmosphere within the district of Vallcarca.

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