Green Barelona: Sant Gervasi & Sarria'

Barcelona, CT, Spain; Sant Cugat del Vallès, CT, Spain
Distance: 7 km (Map)


Green Barelona: Sant Gervasi & Sarria' - Cya On The Road

If you are visiting Barcelona and llooking for a walk avoiding traffic pollution and crowded touristic areas, you are choosing THE RIGHT TOUR. (duration until breakdown of the sun)

The tour aims to show the "chic and green Barcelona" providing a relaxing and cultural healthy experience for the body and mind.

Sant Gervasi - Sarrià is the largest residential neighbourhood of the city. it is plenty of private schools and eco/bio markets. The community living here is very engaged with the place and the respect of green spaces. People from this area is proud to live there and preserve its beautiness. If you ask anyone where are they from, they will answer probably they are from Sant-Gervasi" not from Barcelona.

It is amazing how welcome you can feel in this quiet and flowered neighbouhood that even if it seems to be in a small sophisticatd town, in reality it is closed to the most beautiful parks such as the natural Parc of Collserola and cultural/natural heritage such as Tibidabo Mountain (strongly reccommended to visit during the breaking dawn); and Bellesguard Tower.

With the hope to reduce your stress by following this alternative all-day tour feeding your eyes, mouth and mind.


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