Sant Gervasi - Dog Friendly Tour

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Est. 2.9km / 1 hr 2 mins / Map

Sant Gervasi - Dog Friendly Tour - Cya On The Road

See Barcelona in a dog-centric way thanks to our Sant Gervasi Dog Friendly Tour ! Designed and tailored specifically for you and your dog, this tour gives you and your pup the opportunity to sniff out Sant Gervasi historical and natural sites while you hear more about this beautiful neighborhood. The tour begins with your four-legged friend at the University of Abad Oliba, runs about two and half hours and is less than 5 km through the historic and beautiful Sant Gervasi. As an added bonus, every dog on the tour will receive a complimentary snack for every purchase made with our partner Entredogs Cafe!

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