La Trinitat Nova: Backstage Barcelona

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Est. --- / 2 hrs 30 mins

La Trinitat Nova: Backstage Barcelona - Cya On The Road

Go behind the scene. Get backstage! Get real. Barcelona according to the brochures: - La Sagrada Familia- Park Guell - La Rambla - W hotel and the beach - Barri Gothic But how does big cities like Barcelona work? Discover one of the poorest neighborhoods of Barcelona, developed in the 1950s to house the expanding working class. At that time immigration were a necessity to sustain the growth in order to become a big and important industrial city. Using La Trinitat Nova as an example you will learn the brief history of the Nuo Barris, and how the communities consisting of a diversity of cultural backgrounds came together to improve their lifes in badly constructed neighborhoods. Beside that; see how Barcelona is managing its vital resources like power and water. You will walk past solar panels, and visit the old water house dating back to 1917, closed in '89 and now used as a cultural house and recognised as a cultural heritage. In the end of the tour you'll be invited to hike a mountain that will allow you to view the whole city and beyond, and see for yourself how Barcelona has grown and developed over time. See how villages have grown together into one big mass. Get the whole picture.  How to get there from Barcelona city center?With Metro: Line number 3, 4 or 11. Traveling time: 25-30 minutes. Stop: Trinitat Nova or Casa d' AquaWith TMB bus: Number 11, 35, 50, 51, 60, 62 79, 96, 97, 104, 127. Traveling time: 30+ minutes 

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