Barcelona, CT, Spain; El Jagüel, BA, Argentina
Distance: 20,983 km (Map)

! Hola ! If you are tired to see what everyones knows about Barcelona....You are lucky" you have just the possibility to take the perfect tour throught the Barcelona where almost every catalan family wish to live. the place I am talking about is Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. 

TIBI - TOUR BCN - Cya On The Road

the neighbourhoods are located on the Mount Tibidabo, as you probably already know, one of the most popular points of interest feom he touristic from of view. 

What this tour is about is to propose a route within the authentic spirit of Barna combining main points of interest not known by "mass.tourist" .

residents love to spend its ordinary life within their "barrio" and they are proud of it. Usually there is always someone who knows nice anegdots to tell if you are interest in getting more indeep into the local culture, is a good ooportunity at least.

For those who care about food you will be served. "El asador de aranda" is kind a "must" even only to visit. Local shops and cafes, wonderful mix of gothic, modern and liberty architecture in almosr very street, cultural heritage from Gaudi and the unmissable museum of science CosmoCaixa.

Radi.Cult Chic Barna is waiting for you! i suggest you to start just before lunch time but you also free to enjoy in the afternoon end end at breakingdown.

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