Vallvidrera: The Lost Swamp

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Est. 5.3km / 2 hrs 14 mins / Map

Vallvidrera: The Lost Swamp - Cya On The Road

This biking hour tour (approximately 20 kms round trip)  will take you to the forgotten neighborhood of  Vallvidrera. This Barcelona neighborhood, is located in the district of Sarriá-San Gervasio. All along  the tour you will be able to enjoy nature, the wonderful sceneries that Barcelona has to offer, exercise your body and your mind in a day full of discovery, fun and entertainment in a neighborhood with an interesting story and in the lung of Barcelona. Is it recommend for you?Are you a bike lover? Do you like nature?Are you in a good health condition?Are you tired of the monotony of the city?Are you ready to emerge into nature?Are you looking for a beautiful place to go biking while enjoying marvelous sceneries?Want to discover a new place without going far?If the answer to all of this questions is yes.... Well, wait no more this  route is definitely for you and all of that is possible and in a completely Sustainable way!!!!

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