RAGUSA UNESCO heritage - guided tour

Ragusa, Sicily, Italy
Est. 2.4km / 1 hr 30 mins

RAGUSA UNESCO heritage - guided tour - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the fascinating city of Ragusa, a city of art and tradition that is ready to enchant visitors with the exuberance of its baroque architecture and the beauty that is to be found in its hidden corners. The blend of styles and moods will make your visit an unforgettable experience. The city of Ragusa is situated on a narrow spur of land enclosed between steep valleys. The topography of the land gives Ragusa its unique shape. The oldest part of the city extends towards the east and takes the name of Ragusa Ibla whilst the modern part of the city extends to the west on a plateau which overlooks the old town. The hills, valleys and plateaus of the Iblei Mountains are a splendid backdrop and give the city the shapes, lights and shadows of nature. The style of Ragusa is late baroque but this conceals the traces of its ancient history. The earthquake of 1693 that destroyed much of south-eastern Sicily precipitated a magnificent reconstruction which changed the face of the city and gave birth to a unique architectural style, namely the The Val di Noto baroque. In 2002 the city of Ragusa, with its richness in art and monuments, earned its entry onto the World Heritage list as a world heritage site to represent altogether the cities of the Noto Valley which are the ultimate expressions of late baroque architecture in Europe.

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