SCICLI UNESCO Heritage - guided tour

Scicli, Sicily, Italy
Est. 1.4km / 50 mins

SCICLI UNESCO Heritage - guided tour - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the enchanting and scenic city of Scicli, a city that is to be found, in all its magnificent beauty, nestling in the valleys between the hills that are so typical of the Hyblean landscape. The atmosphere that you breathe in as you walk through the streets of the city centre makes a visit to Scicli an unforgettable experience. Since 2002 it has been included on the list of World Heritage Sites and along with the other cities of the Val di Noto, it represents the ultimate expression of Late Baroque Europe. The event which gave rise to a unique architectural style in the south-eastern cities of Sicily, a style which is also heavily customized compared to that of continental Italy, was the devastating earthquake that struck and caused so much destruction in the area in 1693.The most ancient part of Scicli rose on the hill of Saint Matthew where you can still see the ruins of the castle. This ancient fortified settlement seems to have existed before the Arab conquest of 864. The next development saw the expansion of the town into the valley below. The settlements on the hills were gradually abandoned over time.The reconstruction of Scicli after the earthquake of 1693, enriched the new urban centre with eighteenth-century churches and buildings placed in wonderfully charming settings.The city and its surrounding territories have become famous in recent years in part thanks to the fictional TV drama Montalbano, which sets the novels of the Sicilian writer Andrea Camilleri in these enchanting places. The tourist route has been carefully chosen to lead you easily along the path to discovering the most important monuments of the city of Scicli, and it starts in the heart of the city centre – Piazza Italia. The covering over of the stream of St. Bartholomew allowed this square to be created. Many valuable and beautiful buildings look onto this square and from there and you can also enjoy the view of the hills that overlook the city centre.

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