The romantic and intriguing Rome

Rome, Latium, Italy
Est. 10.3km / 3 hrs 27 mins

Here we are in one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world: Rome.We will take you on a tour to see romantic and mysterious places. You will visit a different Rome, an intriguing Rome. We will take you to see places that are not so well known.We wish you a wonderful day, a day as wonderful as the city you are about to visit! Enjoy!Our tour starts from the Termini train station. We immediately head towards a place that hides an intriguing and mysterious history: the Piazza Vittorio gardens.Leaving the train station behind you, you will find yourselves in a vast square called the Piazza dei Cinquecento. To your left, you will find the Via Giovanni Giolitti. Take this street, leaving the station to your left. Then, turn right at the eighth intersection; the Via Mamiani.Go straight on until you come to a park. This is the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. Go in; your first story awaits you!

The romantic and intriguing Rome - Cya On The Road

 Photo Mediterranean, Rome by ahundt under the license CC0

by Paola Masciadri
Italian professional speaker and writer with experience in Tv, e-learnings, documentaries, dubbings and writing of books, and tour guides.

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