Fratelli Alinari Photo Archive

Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Est. --- / 20 mins

Fratelli Alinari Photo Archive - Cya On The Road

Founded in Florence in 1852, Fratelli Alinari is the oldest firm in the world working in the field of photography, the image and communication.The birth of photography and the story of the Firm go hand in hand in their development and growth, as attested to by the immense Alinari owned fund of 5.500.000 photographs, collected in the Alinari Archives.This fund is continuously growing and, thanks to a rational policy of new acquisitions and new photographic campaigns, it ranges from daguerreotypes to modern color photos.In 1852 Leopoldo Alinari, with his brothers Giuseppe and Romualdo, founded the photographic workshop, heart of the firm that still bears his name. It was the beginning of a unique endeavor that specialized in photographic portraiture, views of works of art and historical monuments, and achieved immediate national and international renown.Alinari is also organising photographic exhibitions in Italy and abroad. The Archive is very active in the field, with more than 10 exhibitions every year. Along with the exhibitions, the company is producing high quality photographic catalogues (most of the time, bilingual).Please note: the Photo Archive is NOT open to the public. Special guided tours can be organised with a nominal entrance fee and are offered to small group of people. For inquiries please write to: info@alinari.itMore info @ http://www.alinari.comCredits: Andrea de Polo Saibanti/Maurizio Lunghi

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