Visiting Santa Severina

Santa Severina, Calabria, Italy
Est. 1.5km / 1 hr

Visiting Santa Severina - Cya On The Road

Santa Severina is a medieval village, located in the center of the province of Crotone halfway between the Ionian Sea and the mountains of Sila in the middle of a pleasant hilly landscape, with the river Neto that runs through its territory for about 10 Km.The town is located on a cliff in the middle of a wide valley that makes it look like a great stone ship. And this scenario is opened at the sight of the great archaeologist Paolo Orsi that in the first decades of the past century joined her to study the great artistic and cultural fields of an ancient past that characterized its history.The great civilizations of the Mediterranean and European history have affected Santa Severina leaving each of them traces, artifacts, monuments, goods that are now for us all heritage of all humanity.It 'difficult today to find a place where there is a concentration of such a strong artistic, monumental, cultural along with an Old Town so capable of arousing strong emotions and where the spirit well is reconciled with time, with the space.Santa Severina, "one of the most beautiful villages in Italy" is also a city of studies with its old High School, his free Academy for foreign students: it is an important destination for cultural tourism in Calabria.In this direction the city is implementing a policy for the promotion of art, antique art, gastronomy typical of care facilities of the visitor with a kind agritourism accommodation and bed and breakfast.The village has become today also the natural stage of important artistic events that affect our region, in the field of theater, music, art. Texts: dr. Bruno Cortese

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