Salerno, Campania, Italy
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Salerno - Cya On The Road

Salerno, chief town, is a wonderful city located between two enchanting coasts, the amalfitan coast and the Cilentana coast. Salerno is a city full of ancient and glorious history and it became a roman colony in 194 b.C with the name of Salernum. Culture and traditions were improved by Goths, Byzantines, Lombards and Normans. Thanks to Lombard Prince Arechi II, Salerno became the head office of the famous Medical School. Arechi II has built wall and towers in the city where there was already a castle. The Lombard domination ended in 1076, when the Norman warlord, Roberto il Guiscardo, conquered the city. In that period were built Terracena Castle and the wonderful Cathedral where there are Saint Matthew’s the Evangelist relics. They have been improved sciences taking the Medical School, considered the oldest medical institute of the Europe, to the top. The economics grew up during XII century thanks to the Swabians. In that period there was built Manfredi’s pier, which takes its name from Federico’s son who realized it. Salerno was also the residence of the Queen Margherita di Durazzo first, and later the residence of Prince Sanseverino. After a decadence period because of earthquakes and plague, in 18 century Salerno began its renaissance. There were many transformations to the urban structure thanks to the built of churches, streets and buildings situated in the historical centre. In the Napoleonic period there was the abolition of the Salernitan Medical School and several ecclesiastical orders. After the landing of allies, in the September of 1943, Salerno gave hospitality to Badoglio’s government.

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