Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Est. 4.7km / 1 hr 34 mins / Map

Turin - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Turin – capital of Piedmont and the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy, an important university, artistic, touristic, cultural and scientific center of the country. It is situated on a plain divided by the rivers Po, Dora Riparia, Stura di Lanzo and Sangone. The River Po crosses the city, so the center of Turin lies on its left bank. The city is surrounded by the 4000 meter high Alps, and the Susa valley connects it with France.If you have enough time in Turin, our tour recommends that you also visit the National Automobile Museum and the Basilica of Superga, both situated outside the city center. The Automobile Museum can be easily reached from the Castle of Valentino by bus (18), and the Basilica of Superga is connected to the city center or railway stations by buses 61, 68 or 15.Our tour starts in the main city square – piazza Castello, surrounded by numerous places of interest that you are invited to enjoy!

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