Genoa, Liguria, Italy; Portofino, Liguria, Italy
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Genoa is the capital city of the Liguria State in Italy and is located in the northwest part of this historical country. From the fashionable city of Milan, getting to Genoa is barely a thirty minutes’ drive by road. Genoa, which is one of the biggest ports in Italy, is located beside a stream and at the foot of a hill. The city is also the distribution hub for the fast growing commerce, and businesspersons find it an ideal center to meet and do business. At a point one would say that appears that people come here just to do business, but many come also to tour the city and see the many historical places and architectural buildings that the city has to offer. Among the city’s greatest attractions are the jumbled, lively streets. These streets will make any tourist feel lost amongst the labyrinthine passageways, but be assured that the experience is quite pleasant, contrary to what you may think. However, it does not mean that all of the attractions are hidden and that you only bump on them by luck. This beautiful, idyllic city also has many easily accessible and visible attractions too! You can be assured that you will not be disappointed on your trip to the city of Genoa, no matter what you are interested in. From the pleasant promenades bursting with market stalls and splendiferous parks to the dazzling churches, which reach up into the beautiful blue sky above; for sure, Genoa has something to offer each and every person!For just a quick glimpse, you may want to begin at the well-regarded Corsa Italia, which is a two and a half kilometers stretch that runs by the sea to link Genoa’s Foce to the Albaro quartiere and Boccadasse. The Corsa Italia offers a perfect short walk on a beautiful summer’s day and you can be assured of mad fun all the way!During your day out in central Genoa, you can spare a few minutes to visit Piazza de Ferrari, which is Genoa’s main square. You are going to find an eye-catching, enormous water fountain, which is one of the best-known sites in this charming and colorful city. While still in the area, take the time to visit the Palazzo del Principe, the World Heritage street Via Garibaldi, all in the old city, and the Genoa Opera House, and mesmerizing Palace of the Doges. But if you are more interested in viewing buildings, the St Lawrence Cathedral is the place to visit. This Renaissance-style cathedral will make any tourist stop, stare and even leave without having enough of its magnificent design. In addition to this, you are going to find other buildings of worship that are built in honor of different periods, such as the Baroque Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato, the Church of San Donato, and the Romanesque Church of Santo Stefano.Genoa really has something for everyone to enjoy! From vacant land, historic properties, patio homes, golf course homes, custom homes on a couple acres, and ranches. The city is generally a great place to retire and even raise a family. Here is an outline of the iconic buildings, places, and the like, to give you a glimpse of what this city holds.

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