Archeological Museum of the Province, at Agro Nocerino

Nocera Inferiore, Campania, Italy
Est. --- / 12 mins / Map

Archeological Museum of the Province, at Agro Nocerino - Cya On The Road

Established in 1964, and since 1965 housed in the fifteenth century Franciscan Convent of Sant' Antonio, this museum contains materials found primarily in the excavations conducted both in the urban centre of ancient Nuceria (today's Nocera Superiore) and in its necropolis. In 1989, the museum benefitted from important renovations, which enabled an improved public appreciation and understanding of the collections conserved there: the enlargement of the sector dedicated to the necropolis, the revision of the museum itinerary –compatible with the available spaces-- and the adoption of a series of historical-scientific panels to facilitate the comprehension of the items on display, together with a diagram of the Museum with complete indications of the exhibits in their various settings. The succeeding donations can be interpreted as a positive response to the cultural-political project of making the museum more accessible to the public at large. The “retrò” style of the display apparatus (glass cases, placards, information boards, etc.) was deliberately maintained, as part of the concentration in this site of museum exhibits coming from the first, older Museum of the Province, that of Salerno, founded in 1927. The collection items thus have been kept in glass display cases since the end of the 1920s, which have been carefully restored, themselves constituting an object of study in relation to the history of museographical principles of the early 20th century.Autore dei testi:Matilde Romito con la collaborazione di Silvia PacificoTraduzioni e voci:Italiano – voce Matilde Romito - Editing audio Associazione Culturale PrismaInglese – traduzione e voce Erich Nicholson - Studio Pippolaticomusic di Luca BechelliImmagini:Tutte le immagini sono di proprietà della Provincia di Salerno, autore Gaetano Guida

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