Opera del Duomo Museum

Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Est. --- / 30 mins

Opera del Duomo Museum - Cya On The Road

Masterpieces of inestimable beauty are housed in this unique museum, rich with history and fascination: after the Vatican Museums, it is the most important collection of sacred art in the world.Here you can admire the sculptures from the facade of Arnolfo di Cambio, the choir-stalls of Donatello and Luca della Robbia, the panels of the Gates of Paradise of Ghiberti, the silver altar from the Baptistery, the models and the devices which helped Brunelleschi to construct the dome of the cathedral.These masterpieces express the will of the citizens of Florence, to adorn and embellish the centre of their religious life; they were moved by faith, but also by the desire to contribute to the prestige and lustre of the city through these works. Anyone arriving in Florence would have seen how rich and powerful the city was: sculptures, altars, objects of devotion were thus the fruit of inextricable ties between religious faith and civic dedication. Welcome to the Museum of the Opera del Duomo!

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