Yakushima Island Guided Cycling Tour

Japan, Japan
Est. 63.6km / 10 hrs 36 mins / Map

Hello traveler! Thank you for choosing my Yakushima island guided audio tour. My name is Jimena and I'll be your guide on this journey! I have been living on this wonderful island for the last 10 years and I am eager to share its beauty with you. 

Yakushima Island Guided Cycling Tour - Cya On The Road

In this section, I will give you an overview of the itinerary to get you ready for the trip ahead.  I should first mention that the itinerary is tailored to allow you to be a conscious traveler by mitigating your ecological footprints on the island. You are already reducing your footprint by signing up on a bike tour! As the itinerary is also designed to help bring calmness to your mind, at each stop along the way, you can play the audio guide where I help guide you to the present moments as I share some information about the area.

You will go on a cycling adventure along the island's pristine coastline. The 62-kilometer journey has some hills, but the guided stops and beautiful views of the ocean will reward you until the very end. The estimated travel time is between 5 to 8 hours which depends on the type of bikes you select and how much time you decide to take on the stops along the way. Some fantastic places you will visit are a beautiful beach perfect for snorkelling if the weather permits, a wild forest path where you may see singular subspecies of deer and monkey, a cozy café called “Cafe Sea & Sun” where I recommend stopping for lunch to try mouth-watering dishes using local ingredients, and a natural hot spring to view the sunset, where you will finish the tour.

To get you started, listen to the introduction to learn about the island’s history, nature, wildlife, and also where to rent your bike! 

Practical Information:7:00 am: - Ferry arrives9:00 am: - Rent bikes at You Shop- Send luggage to the hotel at the travel centre4:00 - 7:00 pm:- Arrive at your hotel

Total cycle distance: 62 KmTotal duration of the tour: 5 - 8 hours

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