Atlanta with Tim Richards. Travelbook

Atlanta, GA, United States
Est. --- / 1 hr / Map

Atlanta is one of the USA's most individual and characterful cities. It's grown enormously in the last thirty years and has culture, history, style, good eating and great music venues. The history of the American Civil War adds to its appeal with the Cyclorama and the Margaret Mitchell House. Of course Atlanta is also the global headquarters of Coca Cola and you can visit. On a sadder note it is also where Martin Luther King was born and is buried.Please, beware this is not a GPS tour but a set of stories about interesting places in the particular area. We recommend you listen to the stories by starting them manually, not via Start Tour option of the app.

Atlanta with Tim Richards. Travelbook - Cya On The Road

Photo Midtown HDR Atlanta by Mike is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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