Miami and Fort Lauderdale with Tim Richards. Travelbook

Miami Beach, FL, United States; Miami, FL, United States; Key West, FL, United States; Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States; Pompano Beach, FL, United States
Est. --- / 2 hrs

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are almost the twin cities of southern Florida. Miami is probably more ethnically mixed and bigger and louder... Fort Lauderdale is slightly more genteel and tasteful. They both have great beaches and tourist attractions, great ethnic eating and all those close to the Caribbean things to do like game fishing. Book soon and enjoy!Please, beware this is not a GPS tour but a set of stories about interesting places in the particular area. We recommend you listen to the stories by starting them manually, not via Start Tour option of the app.

Miami and Fort Lauderdale with Tim Richards. Travelbook - Cya On The Road

Photo Vibrant Art Deco District at Night by Wyn Van Devanter is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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