Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV, United States
Est. 50.5km / 1 hr 43 mins

Las Vegas!! The name conjures up visions of glitz; glamour; casinos plush with red velvet and inlaid gold leaf; mega-stars; scandals; decades of movie intrigue and allure from the old black and whites with cigar smoking trench-coat clad detectives to Ocean’s Eleven (once in 1960 with the infamous Rat Pack and again in 2001 as part of the Ocean’s trilogy).

Las Vegas - Cya On The Road


Songs like “Sin City” and “Luck Be a Lady” are sobriquets for Las Vegas – and as ingrained in peoples’ minds as “Viva Las Vegas!”. Artists from Frank Sinatra to Elvis; the Beatles to Elton John; Rascal Flatts; Lionel Richie; Garth Brooks; Santana, The Who ... and the list goes on … have amped up the sound in Vegas every night for years so make sure to check who is performing where during your visit!


Las Vegas is FUN. In sexy big, bold, brash flashing neon letters. It’s an all-encompassing Experience! with a capital E.


After all, where else can you ride a gondola beneath the Rialto Bridge; visit the pyramids and pat a sphinx; soar 550 feet up in the air in a massive Ferris Wheel; dine in the Eiffel Tower, then watch a volcano erupt – and perhaps get married in a pink Cadillac all in one day? And we forgot to mention catch a few great shows; gamble a bit or more and feel the thrill when the slots go wild with noise to celebrate a win … and perhaps run into an Elvis clone or two.


While Las Vegas is built around gambling, there is plenty to do in the city for those who shy away from placing other than a token bet. And a lot of the most impressive things in Vegas are free. In the main, they are part of one or another of the themed hotel and casino complexes. We’ll be introducing you to them as part of the hotel because spotting the hotel’s name is the easiest landmark imaginable.


The best way to discover Las Vegas is to do so at your own pace – although sleep might be low on your list of priorities. Stop and experience everything that captures your imagination. We’ve designed this tour to allow you to do just that. Change the route if you want. Enjoy Las Vegas and spend as much time as you desire in any of areas; there is always tomorrow.


You can listen to all stories on the web but the best and most comprehensive experience includes GPS navigation and can be found at izi.TRAVEL app. Stop when you want; when you are ready to continue on your tour simply turn the app back on. Just as a reminder, each stop along the walk is indicated by the attraction name and number. The relevant section will be played automatically when you get to the stop but you always can play it manually.



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